200 SolergieBoxes for Households & Microentrepreneurs in Togo in one year

By the end of 2018 we had already installed over 200 SolergieBoxes through our daughter company. We’re currently installing an average of 10 SolergieBoxes per week in Togo following high demand.

A maximum of 8 households can be connected to one SolergieBox. The distance between the box and the buildings it powers can be up to 500m. Together, users pay for the system in manageable instalments.  Energy can be utilised for private use as well as for income generating activities.

Our nano grid is on 220V and can grow along with the needs of the clients. Exactly the same devices can be connected to a Solergie power grid as in a big city. For instance, but not limited to:







Sewing machine

Irrigation pump