The Future of Rural Electrification



produced locally, installed and maintained in Africa


Lives changed

who are connected to our SolergieBoxes and have now access to sustainable and affordable energy



are powered by our SolergieBoxes and generate income for people to climb out of poverty


Smart Solar Nano Grid
Up to 8 customers can be connected to 1 SolergieBox. Every customer has his/her own energy meter that is remotely controlled. The status and the consumption of every client can be monitored.

The customers pay off together the SolergieBox by mobile payments in small bits over a period of time based on their consumption. For every payment they receive an amount of energy that they can consume. The more they consume the faster they become the owners of the system.

Grows together with the local needs
If the customers need more energy a solar panel and/or battery can be added to our modular system.

Productive Use of Energy 
The SolergieBox provides 220V. Economic activities can be powered to generate income.

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